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I should start by defining my terms otherwise my blogs might get a little confusing. Most blogs will be thinking out loud in order to find the voice to write more Pongbourne, which is my novel about an aspie baronet who wakes up in a parallel universe. Naturally he finds this much more to his liking compared to the world he came from. It is a place where I go to explore a number of themes. I open this site just in case I do not make.

You may find what I have said so far on the subject of high functioning autism at Quora. Finding a voice is one of the virtues of what I shall call Aspiens compared to aspies which is where we all start from. People are either on the autism spectrum or they are not. Those that discover they are, either by self discovery or diagnosis, then have the task of self realization. I shall recommend Quora as a very good place to start Aspien self realization.

Sapiens is my kinder term for those that are not on the spectrum because that is what they call themselves, – Home Sapiens Sapiens. I have no idea why they should repeat the conceit but Sapien is a better term for them than neurotypical, which is an adjective anyway. I prefer to pay Sapiens the respect they deserve.

Why they are neurotypical is the most interesting question about them and that process of identification is what distinguishes them from sentient folk. That is why the early unstructured aspies called them NTs. Sapiens like being a particular type and easily identify within specific group-think institutions. Aspiens experience identity as difference and have great difficulty with identification in following Sapiens into their institutions. We are not really capable of feeling we have identity as members of a crowd or herd. That is the main reason why they call us autistic.

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Success with removing a root canal is also quite painful because the rot that results in leaving a dead tooth in the body will spread to neighboring teeth. It was that which was painful not the removal of the dead tooth which was done with great care. It is great to know my biological dentist has removed the dead tooth but if I had known about the rot spreading to other tissue I would have had this operation years ago. What we have to do in future is explore what else has to be done to prevent the spread of infection. Another error mainstream dentists make in removing teeth is leaving the ligament behind in the cavity. This inevitably leads to what are called cavitations.

So removing all my mercury amalgams and this one root canal is only the beginning of my dental treatment. I insisted on what has been done so far and shall leave it up to my biological dentist to decide future work.

Last month I had all my mercury amalgams removed and replaced with suitable biological material and in a few days time will start having all dead tissue removed from my mouth by the same biological dentist in London. Dentists are the only medical professionals that believe in leaving dead tissue in the body and putting highly poisonous substances like mercury in the mouth of all places. When I found out about this I immediately sought out dentists that are not doing this and found out that they call themselves biological dentists. They bear the title of doctor to signify they are in total agreement with the rest of the medical profession.

It is too early to give a full report on this other than to say that distension in my gut was immediately relieved within days. It would appear to me that distension throughout the body or what is called inflammation is one effect of mercury in the body. The other definite improvement is that my memory is much firmer. I am able to work with my short term memory to the extent I could not do so before the mercury was removed. There are other small changes which tend to grow into larger ones and improvement in diet is one feature I am enjoying although being free of the feeling of impending doom is probably the most significant.

I suggest watching this video to start thinking about this issue. There are many other YouTube videos on this subject and this one appears to cover most of the questions a newcomer (and skeptic) might ask.

I shall write more on this when I get back next week.

I am needing to spend time exploring the site before settling down to writing regularly. This is an example. I have found my aspie voice with answers at Quora over the last four years. The idea with this site is to expand upon that work. However, I am otherwise engaged in health issues that are part of my research. So I shall continue to practice in a small way until I am completely at home with this site and completed my research.


I am changing the site to Homo Sentiens Aspiens as soon as I find the time. This will enable my work at Quora to be posted here and I shall explore a number of ideas to be helpful to aspies in my postings. My active time on the Internet is between May and September because of S.A.D. One of the many tasks of this site will be to find out whether this is common amongst aspies generally. As soon as I have found out how to change the site layout, I shall make the changes. Please be patient, I am still coming out of the Winter Affective Disorder, which is what SAD should be called. WAD would be a much better term and glad I am no longer wadding about.


I am now deciding to write out much of what I am doing on the next volumes of Pongbourne dialogues here at this blog. The whole purpose of writing the novel was to find a voice for my thoughts on rackets. That is no longer the case. Although I am still with Rackets as a non fiction project, much of the other dialogue is now of equal importance.

I am finding that work at http://www.quora.com is very helpful. The act of having dialogue with people, questioning and answering most of my previous problems, is a good facilitator around blocks. So when I have made sense of this site, I shall get down to regular contributions to this blog.

Amen to January 2017. It is still a difficult site to make sense of.